Searching for Snow


Searching for Snow:

Snow started to fall by early November in the alpine around the LY Snow headquarters in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada. On the first sunny day, after snow was in the mountains, we took some time away from the office to get some early season riding… I mean product testing.

We grabbed snowskates, piled in to two trucks and drove north. Once the trucks were loaded up and we were on the road we took a quick pit stop to load up on BBQ supplies and beer for the day of playing around in some fresh snow. It was a long rough ride up an old logging roads but we finally made it to some snow. The snow was not deep and the rocks were easy to find, but with a bit of shoveling we were able to make a few fun features to test the durability of the snowskates and get a few new bruises along the way.

All in all it was a successful early season mission to find some snow. Smiles and high fives set the mood for the day. Enjoy the video and photos below and check back for more content throughout the winter.

Nate - Blur skate and mountain Insta Nate - Drive Out Digging in the snow Nate - Stoked Aaron
Nate - Stumans runner 2