LY SNOW | The All New LY Snow Sunrise

The All New LY Snow Sunrise

18 Nov The All New LY Snow Sunrise

Fresh for the upcoming winter, the light is shining through the trees. We would like to introduce the all new LY Snow Sunrise.


Rise to the occasion and handle any obstacle in your path. Carve and slash through the trees or catch some air and see what’s possible!


The Sunrise top deck is constructed from 7 plies of Canadian maple and coated with a special finish to seal the deck from the elements. The Sunrise sub deck is constructed with a bamboo core and ultra durable, full graphic extruded base.


Full Specs:
Sub Deck
Length: 104cm /41in
Waist Width: 12cm / 4.75in
Tip & Tail Width: 15.4cm / 6.125in
2 mounting positions

Top Deck
Length: 86cm/35in
Width: 9.7in
Truck base: 16in centered (3 mounting positions)

Harfang Claw

Stainless Steel Hardware

Check out the full specs of our entire lineup below.


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